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My ultimate goal as your photographer is to have fun with you while producing high quality, stunning images you love. You’ll walk away with a great photoshoot experience both in front and behind the camera, from a photographer who listened to you, helped you every step of the way and executed the vision beyond your expectations.

all while having a good time

high quality, stunning images



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photos delivered


5-star reviews from happy clients


Having fun at my photoshoots is a must! It makes the pictures come out even better, and it lightens up the mood. I’ll be your personal hype- woman, making you feel confident and empowering.

Let’s have fun!

The number one thing my clients talk about is how comfortable I make them feel in front of my camera and how much fun they have at the photoshoot. Directing you on how to pose is a part of my job, but I take pride in posing you so that you don’t look uncomfortable and getting those candid shots with your best smile and laugh, best poses and being authentic.


Investing in me as your photographer does not only mean you get beautiful images- but I’ll also help you with the photoshoot process from beginning to end. Executing a photoshoot takes a thought out plan and I love creating mood boards for and with my clients to better understand and execute their vision. It’s like an artist drawing what they see in their head. 

I’m here for YOU

When hiring a photographer, it can be hard to know what you’re going to get when you book them. I’ll walk you through exactly what to expect when working with me, and my process.


- Tamara

Kiara went above and beyond for me with my maternity shoot! Even though I waited until the last minute; she was patient and made me feel so comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Her professionalism and great energy made me feel like a natural. She's an amazing photographer and I can't wait to book my next shoot! 

"her professionalism and great energy made me feel like a natural"

I am addicted to smoothies and after a photoshoot I always reward myself with one!

Early 2000s music + oldies, has my heart.

I love animals… adore them actually.

Ki, pronounced as key, is a nickname that my friends gave me back in high school.

the girl behind the camera

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Hey, you can call me Ki!

Charmed (the original)

strawberry lemonade

the twilight saga



Talenti Alphonso Mango 

ice cream





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You want a photographer who is warm and friendly, reassuring and goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied.

You want a photoshoot experience where you’re having fun and not awkward or uncomfortable.

You want a photographer who is hands on and helps you with poses, or even brainstorming some photoshoot ideas.

perfect match if

we're a

- Kashanti

"Kiara’s attention to detail is what I love most about her work. She knows how to capture the best poses and her edits are even better! She comes to each shoot and works it, goes home and goes even harder on the edits!” 

“Kiara’s attention to detail is what I love most about her work.”

After I send you the proof gallery, you’ll then choose which pictures you want me to edit. 

04. Choose your proofs

The day has arrived! Time to shoot!

03. Photoshoot time!

Once you sign your contract and pay your retainer, the photoshoot is officially booked!

02. Make it official

Fill out the inquiry form and I’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

01. inquire


Are you ready?

The final gallery is delivered!

05. Special delivery



It is your responsibility to come prepared and photoshoot ready. It will take entirely too much time to edit wrinkly clothes or anything you do not like about the clothing pieces. I will try my best to notice anything out of place, but remember, I am just one person and the photographer. I may not notice every little thing because I am focusing on doing my job and what it entails. An extra person to watch out for anything out of place or mishaps would be great just in case you and I miss something. 

Can you edit my clothes?

Yes, bring whoever you want to cheer you on or make you feel comfortable! I highly encourage it.

Can I bring someone for support?

I deliver all your photos through an easy and convenient online gallery. I’d email you the gallery and you’d be able to download the pictures with a PIN code.

How would I receive the pictures and save them?

You’ll receive your gallery within 7-14 business days from the day in which you select your favorite images to be edited.

When can I expect to receive my pictures?

Nope! The raw images are not my final work. When choosing a photographer, you’re choosing them because you also like their editing style.

Can I have the raw images as well?

YES!!! Part of the experience is that you get to pick your own pictures! You’d receive your proof gallery and you'll be able to “favorite” which pictures you’d want edited.

Do I get to pick the pictures?

Every single one! ALL my packages are customized to give you what you need and want. Each package can be adjusted to include additional hours, and outfits if you need or want it. If you aren't quite sure what you want, I'll ask you questions so we can figure it out!

The studio fee is no longer included in my rates. It is your responsibility to book the studio in which you would like your photoshoot to take place at. If you would like my studio suggestions, please request this list as I would be more than willing to send it!  

Is the studio fee included in your rates?

Are all your packages customizable?

Of course! That's one of the reasons why I created this website. My work is on display in the “galleries” tab. There, you’re able to see more images from my photoshoots.  

Can I see more of your work?

A retainer is due at signing, and the remaining balance is due any time before the day of the photoshoot. I’ll also remind you so it doesn’t sneak up on you. We can also do a payment plan.

How does payment work?

I skin retouch all of my photos. This technique is just to get rid of blemishes and acne (because those things are temporary) as well as even out the skin tone. I will NEVER retouch your pictures to make it look as if it is not you. 

Will you retouch (photoshop) the way I look?