How I got into Photography

I figured I would tell you guys how I got into photography and tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Kiara and I’m originally from Miami, FL and now I live in the outskirts on Atlanta, GA. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always in front of the camera- and loved it. My auntie would film my cousins and I just doing random stuff in the house. We would put on talent shows and my auntie would sew our outfits for us, we’d make our own music videos, even videos in the backyard pool… you name it- we did it.

I even wanted to be a model at one point and started my portfolio. All this led up to my filming YouTube videos when I was in high school. This, led me to get into photography. I know, not the conventional way of how some people get into the profession, but its mine! I started off filming YouTube videos with my iPad and wanted to better my video quality so I bought a Canon t5i camera and with me being a content creator, I needed pictures of myself as well, so I started to take self portraits. Now, I was already doing this with my iPhone, but now that I had a professional camera, I decided to use the camera instead. After taking pictures with it, I started to build backdrops from things I found at my job at the time, Joann Arts and Crafts.

This is when I started to really love the whole craft so I decided to pivot to taking pictures of other people as well. Asking my friends if I could take portraits of them turned into paying gigs from other people who wanted portraits for themselves and pictures for their businesses and me working with models and modeling agencies. Six years later, here I am.

Here are a few self portraits I’ve done before I decided to actually take photography seriously.

These pictures were taken with my Canon T5i with the canon 50mm 1.8 lens