Old Hollywood Glamour Photoshoot

Here’s my take on an Old Hollywood Glamour photoshoot that I did in 2021! I’ll probably never be done with this theme because not only do I love the images produced during this time period, but I want to keep the theme going to see me get better with each shoot. When I look back on the pictures from this time, I just think “what a time to be alive”. I know it must’ve been so wild to experience that because it looked fun and so beautiful. The fashion back then was so elegant and timeless, then not to mention the models and actress killed each and every look.

The model, Katie, knocked this shoot out the park! She fits the concept so well and she brought everything needed (the entire outfit and jewelry) to execute the theme. She’d actually had a few prom dresses and brought a bunch of them to choose from for the photoshoot, and she brought gloves as well. If I’m not mistaken, the jewelry was borrowed from Lovilla, Miles Models owner.

I was able to use the modeling agency’s studio and equipment so I’m not sure of any of the equipment’s brand used. I do remember using one huge softbox light and a black backdrop that I changed to gray while editing. The before and after pictures are below.

Equipment Used:

Camera: Canon 6D Mark II

Lens: Tamron SP 35mm F1.8 Di VC USD

Model: Katie

Agency: Miles Models