New Male Model Portfolio Development

Now this photoshoot somewhat of a challenge for me only because I can literally count on ONE hand on how many times I’ve done a photoshoot with a guy. At first, it was challenging to pose him because I primarily work with women, but as time went on, I found my groove.

Kyle, reached out to me initially for a model- style birthday photoshoot, but we weren’t able to do it at the time. Later, I planned this photoshoot on Pinterest which actually made him scrap his initial look for the photoshoot! I’d seen one of Michael B. Jordan’s photoshoots on Pinterest and added it to my mood board for him, along with other pictures of male celebrities and models. He ended up going for the Michael B. Jordan and Tom Holland look I’d pinned and this is how it turned out!

We originally planned to do 2 outfits, but he didn’t like the second outfit he’d brought so I made the executive decision to keep the first oufit, but change the backdrop. I’m so glad I did go with it because it definitely elevated the photoshoot and gave it a completely different look and feel.

Model: Kyle

Stylist & Creative Director: Me